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beyond age facial..........[1.5 hours / $130]

“It’s the Ultimate Plus.” Includes micro roller and LED treatments.

ultimate european..........[1.5 hours / $115]

“Allow time to come back to your senses.” Above and beyond the European facial, the ultimate European includes a specialty mask and ampoule as well as murturing for the soul and relaxation breathing. The Ultimate is tailored to you and your skin addressing specific conditions such as mature skin, Cuperosa, Rosacea, sun damage and environmental stresses. Extraction available on request.

the european..........[1.5 hours / $90]

“Well, beware, it is addictive.” The European facial wraps you in a cocoon-like atmosphere where you will enjoy cleansing, steaming exfoliation, aromatherapy and extraction (optional). The facial continues with relaxation breathing, massage of the decollete, neck, face and hands, and finishes with a silky mask and your hands gently nestled in warm mittens.

moisture glow facial..........[1.0 hour / $75]

“This oasis is no mirage.” The moisture glow facial gives your skin a reviving drink with hydrating ampoule and a mask. After cleansing, exfoliation, steam and a face massage this facial wraps up with a finishing touch and a bottle of water.

blemish care..........[1.0 hour / $75]

This healing treatment includes deep cleansing, disencrustation, steam with oils to release toxins, extraction, high frequency, mask and finishing touches.

faces forward facial..........[1.0 hour / $90]

“Feel free to expose.” We start with cleansing tones and mask, finishing off with a light PCA peel fitting your skin type.

crystal exfoliation facial..........[1.0 hour / $85]

“Peel the difference.” Revivify your skin with manual microdermabrasion techniques that include cleansing, toning, pre-exfoliation and crystal exfoliation. This stage is followed by a pre-mask, then collagen blanket mask and sunscreen sure to revitalize and refresh. A series of 6 treatments is recommended for best results.

back care..........[1.0 hour / $70]

“Backless or strapless.” Revitalizing care for your back, this treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction (if needed) and massage. Finishing with a mask and moisturizer, you'll be back for more.

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