Our skin is the body’s largest organ and your first defense against the world’s ever increasing pollutants, allergens, and chemicals. Skin not only protects your internal organs, but acts as a messenger for internal stress. Your skin awareness is your quickest link to fighting allergies and immune deficiencies.

Vivian’s experience and knowledge, refined in Europe, allow her to work with you to get “under your skin” to the root cause of skin conditions. Her all-encompassing approach ascertains the best method of care for your skin through consideration of diet, sleep habits, and general health. This means you get personalized care for your specific skin type and lifestyle.

Beyond the physical aspect of skin care, Vivian emphasizes stress reduction and overall well-being through her nurturing approach to care of the skin and soul.

By taking an active role in your skin care, with Vivian’s guidance, you and your skin may achieve a higher level of purity and purpose. Let your outside reflect your beauty inside...

Vivian Winnig

Specializing in skin care for men, women and teens


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